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The Best Browsers for Seelio

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At Seelio, we’re committed to helping you showcase your best work. To do that, we seek out the best technology available to build a more dynamic and beautiful website.

In today’s web design world, CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript lay the foundation for cutting-edge technologies, many of which are heavily used on our site. Some of these technologies are not fully-featured or readily available on older browsers, especially on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 or older. As technology has developed and the world has jumped from browser to browser, we’ve become aware that many companies, including Google, are slowly phasing out support for these older browsers. In fact, Microsoft itself has stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6 and is encouraging users to switch to version 11.

Here at Seelio, we fully support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We consciously made the decision to support only the most recent versions of browsers knowing that web technology is rapidly moving forward, and also because global browser statistics show that the vast majority of internet users are either using Chrome or Firefox, as depicted in the graph below.

(Source: StatCounter)

If you’ve been convinced and you’d like to update your browser, here are the official pages for each respective vendor. If there are restrictions on your computer that do not allow installation of new programs, you may need to talk to your IT administrator before downloading.

If you encounter any issues with supported browsers or have any questions, please contact support@seelio.com and we’d be happy to help!