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Showing Skills to Employers with Seelio and Fullbridge

Google, Airbnb, Prezi, The Daily Muse

Where can you meet and network with companies like these?

At an upcoming Fullbridge Future Leaders Summit!

Future Leaders Summits are 1-day events that bring together student leaders and young professionals to learn, network, and design innovative solutions to real world problems. These interactive experiences provide future leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

We got a chance to participate in the October 3 Summit in NYC and it blew us away. Students gathered together with leaders from The Daily Muse, Google, and Fullbridge to learn how to take their education and put it to work for their career goals. At the event, we shared about the importance of building a professional online profile to show evidence of skills to employers.

Moses Lee and David Nesbitt present Seelio at Fullbridge Future Leaders Summit

Moses Lee and David Nesbitt from the Seelio team with students at the NYC Future Leaders Summit

Jobvite’s “2014 Social Recruiting Survey” underscores the importance of demonstrating skills to employers in an online profile. Ninety-three percent of recruiters said they will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision, and 83 percent stated that they look for examples of written or design work in their review.

Employers today aren’t just looking for a degree or GPA, but they want real evidence of the skills that students have. We love the work that Fullbridge does to help students build skills, and we were glad to help students at the Summit showcase their talents on Seelio,” said Moses Lee, Seelio co-founder and group president at Keypath Education.

Jenni Maier, managing editor for The Daily Muse and a speaker at the Summit, agreed. “A portfolio tells a company who you are and what you care about – more than a resume,” she said. “And that’s what employers want to know.”

Students at the Summit documented examples of their skills and projects on Seelio. See a gallery of their work here. Better yet? We shared that gallery with all of the recruiters who attended to the NYC Summit so they could continue networking with students who could become future leaders at their companies.

We spoke with one student, May Yee Brenda So, to see what she thought about building a professional profile on Seelio as a part of the Summit. “It’s really exciting because I’m an engineer and lots of the things I do involve the design process. You can’t actually show the design process in a resume because it takes a lot of time to explain, but with a platform where I can show videos, my prototyping, and even write a few lines to describe my project, it actually shows an employer what I think, how I think, and how I cooperate,” she said.

There’s still a chance to join an upcoming Future Leaders Summit this year! Send in your application for the next Summit in San Francisco:

Click here to apply for the 11/7 San Francisco Summit by 10/20

Can’t make it to the Bay Area? You can build your Seelio anywhere. Sign up and start showing employers your skills today!

This School Year, Bring Your Resume to Life with Seelio and LinkedIn

We’ve shared before how you can spruce up your LinkedIn profile and bring your resume to life with works from your Seelio profile.

Today we want to show you how Michael Baker put that advice into action. Michael is a student we first met at the University of Toledo who graduated, finished one master’s degree at Georgetown University and is now getting a second master’s in economics at American University while working at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Michael Baker on Seelio

Michael hasn’t left many stones unturned throughout his higher education experience. From working on a capstone project with NASA to a going on a service learning trip in Costa Rica, he was on the look out for experiences both in and out of the classroom that could bring his skills to life. Better than just finding the experiences, he saw that he could bring his resume to life by posting about them on Seelio so others could see the skills he developed and the lessons he learned.

Michael first encountered Seelio as a student at The University of Toledo’s Jesup Scott Honors College. But even after he graduated, he saw a way to put his Seelio to work for him– on LinkedIn! When we asked if we could share his profiles as an example for other young professionals we also asked if he had any advice to share. Here’s his great tip:

“Any experience, no matter the field or the scale, helped to develop you to who you are today. Document it and talk about it at length, because if you don’t, no one else will either!”

Michael is absolutely right. Did you work on something this summer that you can share on your Seelio? Take a moment to upload it– you never know how helpful it will be when it’s time to bring your resume to life for a potential graduate school admissions officer or employer!

College Career Advice Roundup – February 2015

Header for Seelio Career Advice Roundup

In college, career advice can feel like drinking out of a firehose. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help by finding the best tips around so you can build an awesome portfolio & confidently pursue your career. Check out this month’s roundup of college career advice!

February College Career Advice Roundup


We’ve all been there, interning away, often for free, desperately hoping to convert an internship into a paid opportunity. As more evidence piles up about the value that your college internship can bring to future employment, take a moment to find 4 great tips about how to make the most out of your internship and increase your odds of converting it to a paid, full-time gig.


Navigating the brave new world of job searching can be daunting. But there is one tried and true trick for increasing your odds of landing something great– informational interviews. Personal aside, one MBA I know conducted over 100 of these and now has a powerhouse network and his dream job. Don’t feel overwhelmed, start small and use this article to find great tips on how to make the most out of your next informational interview.


Ah, the good ol’ resume. We all need ‘em. This quick read gives you three main things to keep in mind when you work on your next batch of resumes. Added bonus? When you get the perfect set of bullet points, you can revisit your Seelio to show them off with all of the other cool multimedia you’ve got on hand.


Another resume post? I know! But this is chock full of examples and one golden rule for writing strong action statements about each of your valuable experiences. Take a look, trust me- your resume will thank you for it.


Lastly, for all of the entrepreneurs out there, use this article to take a quick gut check and see if your passion is ready to be your full-time job. All of us at Seelio know how rewarding it can be to start something you love, but we also know that there can be a lot of challenges along the way. Are you ready for the plunge? Read this post to get a step closer.

And that’s it for this month’s college career advice roundup! Let us know what jumped out to you or what topics you’d love to see in the next roundup by giving us a shout on Twitter @seelio!