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2015 Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios: Join Us to Share Strategies for Student Success

Join Us at the 2015 Forum on digital learning and eportfolios

In just a few short weeks we’ll be gathering with educators around the country to discuss strategies and methods for using ePortfolios to advance student success in higher education at the 2015 Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios. We’re delighted to be sponsoring a roundtable discussion at the forum’s keynote luncheon to discuss best practices for ePortfolios across programs and contexts.

We’re also pleased to be presenting with Gail Luera, Ph.D., an associate professor of science education at University of Michigan – Dearborn. Joining her will be Tiffany Marra, Ph.D., Seelio’s vice president of academics and services. Together they will share insights from their years of experience using ePortfolios at the University of Michigan as a pathfinder for students throughout their educational experience.

We hope you can join us for what we expect to be fruitful conversations about how we as educators can support student success with ePortfolios. Learn more in our flyer below or please reach out to schedule time to meet with one of our experts.

Flyer with information on Seelio ePortfolio Roundtable Discussion and Workshop at AAC&U ePortfolio Forum

Learn more about our approach to ePortfolios | See examples of student work


Join us at ACICS to Hear From PlattForm and Tribeca Flashpoint Academy About Engaging Students

We are excited to be attending the ACICS Annual Conference next week as a newly acquired PlattForm company!

On November 4, 2014 at 10:30AM we will discuss creative marketing, engagement, and career preparation strategies across the student lifecycle, with a case study perspective from our partners at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.

Not planning to attend ACICS this year? Contact us to receive a copy of our presentation and learn more about how portfolios can fit into your student success strategy.

From Inquiry to Alumni: Engaging Students

November 4, 2014 – 10:30-11:15AM – Location: Lakeview – Level One


  • Peter Hawley, Executive Vice President and Academic Dean, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy (TFA)
  • Aaron Edwards, Senior Vice President of Enrollment Partnerships, PlattForm
  • Vince Rizzi, Director of University Partnerships, Seelio

With all of the noise in today’s educational landscape, it is imperative that institutions align themselves with the needs of their current and prospective students.

Join our session to learn about building an integrated marketing and student engagement strategy that impacts retention, integrates career planning resources, and effectively leverages the alumni network.

Explore real examples from TFA in their commitment to helping students gain a leading edge in the job market after graduation. Learn about initiatives TFA has launched across the student lifecycle to attract students and help them prepare for their future careers from day one of their educational experience.

Quote from Peter Hawley at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

Learn more about Seelio’s higher-ed solution here: seelio.com/educators

Join us at OLC to Discuss Connecting Competencies to Careers with Portfolios

Are portfolios a part of your strategy for engaging, retaining and preparing students? Whether portfolios have been a part of your programs from day one or they are still something you are considering, we can help you find the best way to implement portfolios across the student lifecycle.

On October 30th at the Online Learning Consortium’s (formerly Sloan C) Annual Conference we will be presenting with the University of Michigan School of Social Work (UM-SSW) about how they have used portfolios to empower students to connect course competencies to career outcomes.

Not planning to attend OLC this year? We’d love to discuss your programs and explore how portfolios can help with student success and engagement. Contact us to schedule an informational session and receive a copy of our case study on the University of Michigan School of Social Work’s approach to connecting competencies to career outcomes with portfolios.

 Learn More→

Sloan OLC Header

October 30, 2014 – 1:30pm | Concurrent Session 8 | Location: Northern Hemisphere E3

Track: Technology and Emerging Learning Environments

Join us to assess your program’s use of learning outcomes and identify ways to use portfolios to measure learning outcomes and improve students’ professional development.

Gain insights from a case study presentation of the University of Michigan School of Social Work’s (UM-SSW) use of learning outcomes and portfolios. Discover how UM-SSW outlined competencies and practice behaviors for students and empowered them to connect coursework to career outcomes through professional online portfolios.

In this session you will:

  • Self-assess your programs’ use of learning outcomes
  • Learn activities and modules to use with your students
  • Identify models and instruments to assess student learning and outcomes using portfolios
  • Receive an invitation to create your own Seelio account

See UM-SSW on Seelio: seelio.com/g/umssw

Learn more about becoming a Seelio Partner by visiting seelio.com/educators or contacting us at educators@seelio.com