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New Features on Seelio for Educators Including Statistics, Assessment Updates and More!

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In our previous post we shared about some of the exciting developments on Seelio for students. Here we’d like to share about some of our most exciting product enhancements for educators on Seelio.

Below we’ll share more about how to customize your headline information so that when you like, comment on, or post works, your identity doesn’t have to be limited to your alma mater. We’ve also added a new group data insights feature that allows educators to see an overview of learning outcomes and group participation.

And last but not least, we’ve given a little TLC to our assessment and evaluation features so it’s even easier for educators to give feedback on student work and help with the portfolio development process.

Want more details? Read on to see the specific updates we’ve been making on Seelio. As always, we love to hear from you so drop us a line anytime to ask questions or share your new feature ideas!

The Snowball Effect: Evolving Your Class Into An Active Learning Experience

Welcome to the second post in our two-part series about evolving your course to incorporate active learning. Previously we shared how one professor at Ohio University evolved his course into a “90 minute creativity concert” of active learning. Today we’ll share actionable tips that you can apply to your courses.

The Snowball Effect


As we covered how Eric Williams transformed his MDIA 1020: Media and the Creative Process course from a traditional, lecture-based format to an engaging, active-learning “90 minute creativity concert,” we were inspired to think about and share ways that other faculty in any discipline could do the same, using a concept called the “snowball effect.”

The snowball effect is a process which begins with one small change that builds upon itself, becoming larger and more significant along the way, like a ball of snow rolling down a hillside. If properly guided, this process can have a majorly positive impact on a situation just by taking small steps along the way.

Changing a class is not a simple process, but it can be made easier by approaching the process of evolving the course slowly and methodically. By instituting a few small changes each semester, you can “snowball” a successful, manageable evolution of the course in just a couple of years, giving you time to adjust, get comfortable, and evaluate. Let’s talk about a few ways you can get started.

Considering Using Social Media With Students? Read this.

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Tips from an Educator on How (and Why) to Use Social Media With Students

Understandably, using social media with students can feel a little overwhelming, but could it ultimately improve student engagement and letter grades? In this interview we talk to an educator who is embracing social media in classes to tackle some of the big questions like why? what if it goes wrong? what good will it do? and where do i start? — and proving that by taking them on, there can be great benefits for both faculty members and students.

Our guest, Nick Bowman, an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at West Virginia University isn’t new the idea of using social media with students in the classroom. With a Ph.D. in communication from Michigan State University and over a decade of teaching experience, social media and technology in the classroom have been core elements of his teaching philosophy. He regularly has great advice to share, including an upcoming panel on the social classroom at SXSWedu, and he catalogues many examples of how he is using social media with students in his portfolio on Seelio. Read on (or bookmark this treasure trove of info) to get practical advice and tips for a social classroom.

Want to join the conversation? Chime in on Twitter mentioning @bowmanspartan @seelio and #socialprof!

Screenshot of Nick's portfolio with class prompts and resources