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Guest Post: I Used Seelio to Land An Internship and You Can Too!

See How Purdue University Calumet graduate, Stephanie Peters, used Seelio to land an internship

Today we’d like to introduce you to our student spotlight guest contributor, Stephanie Peters, a recent Purdue University Calumet graduate. Congratulations on this great accomplishment, Stephanie!

Stephanie has been kind enough to share her experience using Seelio and how it helped her prepare for her career. As you’ll see, her story is full of tips you can take away as you build your own portfolio. Read on to learn more about:

  • How to use out of class experiences to showcase your skills
  • Why the “About Me” section matters
  • How building a Seelio can help you land an internship or job
  • An employer’s perspective on why portfolios are valuable in the hiring process


Take it away, Stephanie!

How to Impress Employers with Your Study Abroad Experience

Seelio Study Abroad Gallery

Are you struggling to understand how your study abroad can help you stand out in your job search, or how to talk about it with employers? Your experience abroad can be a big asset when you’re applying for jobs and internships. But what do employers see as the value of your study abroad experience?

To answer this question, the Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI) at Michigan State University reached out to employers to find out what differentiated recent hires with international experience from those without international experience. From their research, more than 50% of the employers surveyed reported that recent hires with international experience excelled in these three areas:

  • Interacting with people who hold different interests, values, or perspectives
  • Understanding cultural differences in the workplace
  • Adapting to situations of change

Additionally, 45% of these employers said that hires with international experience also excelled in gaining new knowledge from experiences.


Employers recognize that your study abroad has given you valuable skills. But there’s a catch. In order for your experience abroad to help you in your job search, you first need to clearly understand what you got out of the experience, and how it can be an asset in the workplace.

Here are 3 steps to help:

Employers and Portfolios: Purdue University Calumet Prepares Students For Interviews With Seelio

From early on here at Seelio we’ve believed that portfolios can be hugely beneficial in the hiring process. It turns out that we’re not the only ones who think so. AAC&U released a survey indicating that 4 out of 5 employers surveyed stated that portfolios would be helpful to them in evaluating students for potential positions.

Similarly, students and employers using Seelio have told us as much.

That’s why we are excited to help Purdue University Calumet share student portfolio work with employers looking to hire their students.

Earlier this year, Purdue University Calumet launched a pilot implementation of Seelio across multiple disciplines to empower students to capture examples of their learning and use those examples to connect with potential employers.

A Picture from the recent Dean's Executive Council Meeting at the College of Technology at Purdue University CalumetAt the recent College of Technology Dean’s Executive Council, a gathering between university leadership and 14 of the region’s leading industry and business executives, Dean Niaz Latif identified four outcomes for student portfolios at Purdue Calumet:

  • Helping employers see the capability of students by reviewing their work and determining fit with open opportunities
  • Allowing the university to assess student learning
  • Allowing students to participate in team-building and enabling faculty to have a clear picture of what students are learning
  • Enabling faculty members to provide mentorship to students as they build their digital identity through portfolios

At the meeting, Purdue Calumet junior Matthew Dombrowski shared his progress in building his digital identity as a way to connect with employers:

“Words on a resume can only do so much to convey skills, but a portfolio allows employers to see real examples of my skill level and what I can bring to their open position. Of all of the sites I’ve used, this is by far the easiest,” Matthew told the room of industry and business executives.

A Picture of Matthew Dombrowski's Portfolio on Seelio

See Matthew’s portfolio: seelio.com/mdombrowski 

In portfolio classes, faculty members provide guidelines that enable students like Matthew to document their progress and demonstrate who contributed to each component of the project. In response, faculty can communicate privately with students to provide feedback, as well as assess student competencies in teamwork, communication, and product completion timelines.

Purdue Calumet plans to create curated showcases of student work that employers can use to find students who demonstrate particular skills. Employers at the meeting responded positively to this idea and expressed interest in using portfolios as part of an “online job fair” that matches student work with job requirements.

By integrating portfolios into a variety of classes across the student experience, Purdue Calumet is enabling students like Matthew to demonstrate precisely how their education is preparing them to succeed. For faculty and others, “it’s a one stop shop to view their performance,” said Dr. Latif.

See Purdue University Calumet on Seelio: seelio.com/purduecal or learn more about bringing Seelio to your students: seelio.com/educators