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Educator Spotlight: Amit Jariwala on Technology Innovations for Capstone Programs

Georgia Tech on Seelio

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Georgia Institute of Technology to showcase student projects from their Spring 2014 Capstone Design Expo on Seelio. Georgia Tech is leading the way in embracing technology innovations to enhance the capstone experience for engineering students and faculty and we want to draw attention to their great work. Students have even built an app to capture the entire event!

Georgia Tech on Seelio

Technology Innovations in Capstone Programs

Amit JariwalaAt this summer’s Capstone Design Conference in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Amit Jariwala, Director of Design and Innovation at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will be participating in a panel on June 2, 2014, with William Stoy and Seelio’s very own Moses Lee called “IT Nuggets in Capstone.” The panel discussion will share lessons from Georgia Tech’s experience with new technology tools in programs like their Capstone Design Expo. We’ll update this post soon with information about how to register for this event! Until then, get a preview of the upcoming presentation from our initial interview with Dr. Jariwala.

Hear from Harvard Freshman Nishant Kakar About His Seelio Internship


Nishant Kakar, Freshman at Harvard UniversityWe were really lucky to have an amazing intern work with us at Seelio over winter break. Meet Nishant Kakar. He’s a freshman at Harvard University from Novi, Michigan, studying Computer Science Engineering (CSE). We asked him to share a bit about his experience interning at Seelio as a developer and his advice for other freshmen who are just starting their portfolio. Enjoy!

1. How did you hear about Seelio?
I had 6 weeks off for my winter break and I knew I wanted to stay in Michigan and work somewhere in Ann Arbor, particularly in the tech field. I asked a couple of my CSE friends at the University of Michigan what’s the new startup on campus that everyone is talking about. A few of them mentioned Seelio and knew Moses personally. I reached out to Moses and the rest is history!

2. What was your intern experience at Seelio like?
This was my first experience in a startup culture. My only previous work experience was in a lab where everything was very structured. At Seelio, I immediately knew it was different. People don’t have their own cubicles and I enjoyed the open and collaborative working environment. The culture was a lot of fun and I feel like it definitely fit my personality. They even surprised me with cupcakes for my birthday!

Celebrating Nishant's Birthday

3. What did you do here?
I was a developer intern and worked alongside Chris Baik because I wanted experience in the computer science field. He started me off with my own project which was to redo the conversations page and update it from the old version to the newer version of bootstrap (a framework for building awesome web pages). It was a good amount of work that I am proud of, obviously with help from Chris, Feroze, another Seelio developer, and the team.

Seelio Team Lunch

4. Why do you like using Seelio?
The only experience I had before Seelio was LinkedIn, which is organized as an online resume. When I use Seelio it’s not just saying, “I did this and this and this” in text, but you can actually show what you did. I love being able to say, “I did this. Now look at it.” I think being able to display your work is way more powerful than just being able to say what you did in words. This kind of portfolio is ideal for college students and people who have projects and Seelio takes advantage of that.

5. What is your best advice for other freshmen who are starting their Seelio portfolio?
Before you even put any of your own works up, look at the gallery and look at particular tags that are related to fields you are interested in. Look at what they’ve done and how they structured it. It gives you an idea of what you can put on your own Seelio. Then, add important works and projects you finished throughout high school and college. As you complete more projects, keep uploading new works and show what you’ve accomplished.

6. Do you look other portfolios from the Seelio community?
Yeah, I look at other computer science portfolios. Specifically, I looked at one project on Seelio and it gave me an idea to make a social media hub web page. This is the best way to collaborate with other students, find new opportunities and get inspiration for projects in the future.

Any last thoughts?
Seelio is a great place to find new projects, and to collaborate with people who have similar interests (by denise). In the future, once I get more projects under my belt, especially in the computer science field, I will be doing a lot more different works and type of projects and I definitely want to upload them to Seelio.

Seelio Team

Thanks again Nishant for all of your hard work! We miss you and best of luck at Harvard! To read more about Nishant’s work at Seelio and his projects at Harvard, see his Seelio.

If you are interested in sharing your Seelio story, e-mail students@seelio.com and we’ll be in touch!

Our Favorite Works from 2013

As we close out 2013, we wanted to share some of our favorite works from this past year. We’re constantly amazed at the great things happening on Seelio and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2014!

Seelio Staff Picks

Sprouts I/O by Cole Houston at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We love how this technology helps bring farming to urban centers.






“A Thank You to My Parents” (Series) by Caitlyn Witt from the University of Toledo.

Through reflection and beautiful black and white photography, we love how this photo series captures the path from childhood to adulthood.





HelpOut (HackPSU) by Kyle Donnelly and Fletcher Phillips from Pennsylvania State University.

We’re amazed that in one day at a hackathon these collaborators could develop such a beautifully designed technology to encourage volunteering!




Kids-TALK Children’s Advocacy Center Intern by Ariel Piotter from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work.

We loved the description of how this internship gave hands-on experience to the MSW degree.





Persuasive Essay by Matthew Martinell from West Virginia University.

This work’s cover photo first pulled us in and then the objective essay got us to really dive into what might be in outer space!





NASA Capstone Project by Marcel Ingels, Tyler Kinner, Michael Baker, Lina Elsamaloty, and Michael Gammo from the University of Toledo.

It’s exciting to see the progress from this senior capstone team about their work to develop specialized technology for NASA.




Eureka! – Discover Inspiring Ideas by Chen-Fang Hsieh, Kevin Soong, Chin-Jui Chen, and Nicolas Hung from the University of Michigan.

We loved the attention to detail and explanation that these collaborators included to show their commitment to this team project (by blaise).




Savin’ Eleven by Jared Hettinger, TC Schiller, and Ash Solano from the University of Texas at Austin.

Another great example of what can come out of a hackathon with a simple and elegant flat design that definitely caught our eye.




Final Report on the iASD Clinic by Katie Donahoe at West Virginia University.

We loved seeing this internship experience come to life and how it led to the discovery of new career goals.






We want to thank everyone on Seelio for making 2013 such a great year!

See more great works: www.seelio.com/gallery