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How Eric Williams is Evolving His Class Into a 90 Minute Creativity Concert of Active Learning

Want to know one of the secrets to turning an “okay” class into a “great” one?

The secret is understanding the “snowball effect.” The snowball effect is a process which begins with one small change that builds upon itself, becoming larger and more significant along the way, like a ball of snow rolling down a hillside. If properly guided, this evolutionary process can have a majorly positive impact on a situation just by taking small steps along the way.

If anyone knows the merits of this process, it’s Eric Williams, an associate professor in the School of Media Arts & Studies at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. Eric teaches a course called MDIA 1020: Media and the Creative Process, which he has been evolving over time into an incredible active learning experience for his students.

MDIA 1020 Student Showcase

Educator Spotlight: Pauline Bary Khan from Michigan Engineering

We asked Pauline Bary Khan, Princeton Review Top 300 Professor and the Director of Michigan Engineering’s Program in Technical Communication, to share about her experience with Seelio in her classes.

Earlier this year she used Seelio with students in her senior-level Technical Communication course and her first-year Engineering 100 course. Below she shares how students responded and why she believes it’s important for students to begin capturing their educational experience in a portfolio from day one.

Pauline Bary Khan shares about Seelio

Educator Spotlight: Amit Jariwala on Technology Innovations for Capstone Programs

Georgia Tech on Seelio

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Georgia Institute of Technology to showcase student projects from their Spring 2014 Capstone Design Expo on Seelio. Georgia Tech is leading the way in embracing technology innovations to enhance the capstone experience for engineering students and faculty and we want to draw attention to their great work. Students have even built an app to capture the entire event!

Georgia Tech on Seelio

Technology Innovations in Capstone Programs

Amit JariwalaAt this summer’s Capstone Design Conference in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Amit Jariwala, Director of Design and Innovation at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will be participating in a panel on June 2, 2014, with William Stoy and Seelio’s very own Moses Lee called “IT Nuggets in Capstone.” The panel discussion will share lessons from Georgia Tech’s experience with new technology tools in programs like their Capstone Design Expo. We’ll update this post soon with information about how to register for this event! Until then, get a preview of the upcoming presentation from our initial interview with Dr. Jariwala.