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College Career Advice Roundup – February 2015

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In college, career advice can feel like drinking out of a firehose. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help by finding the best tips around so you can build an awesome portfolio & confidently pursue your career. Check out this month’s roundup of college career advice!

February College Career Advice Roundup


We’ve all been there, interning away, often for free, desperately hoping to convert an internship into a paid opportunity. As more evidence piles up about the value that your college internship can bring to future employment, take a moment to find 4 great tips about how to make the most out of your internship and increase your odds of converting it to a paid, full-time gig.


Navigating the brave new world of job searching can be daunting. But there is one tried and true trick for increasing your odds of landing something great– informational interviews. Personal aside, one MBA I know conducted over 100 of these and now has a powerhouse network and his dream job. Don’t feel overwhelmed, start small and use this article to find great tips on how to make the most out of your next informational interview.


Ah, the good ol’ resume. We all need ‘em. This quick read gives you three main things to keep in mind when you work on your next batch of resumes. Added bonus? When you get the perfect set of bullet points, you can revisit your Seelio to show them off with all of the other cool multimedia you’ve got on hand.


Another resume post? I know! But this is chock full of examples and one golden rule for writing strong action statements about each of your valuable experiences. Take a look, trust me- your resume will thank you for it.


Lastly, for all of the entrepreneurs out there, use this article to take a quick gut check and see if your passion is ready to be your full-time job. All of us at Seelio know how rewarding it can be to start something you love, but we also know that there can be a lot of challenges along the way. Are you ready for the plunge? Read this post to get a step closer.

And that’s it for this month’s college career advice roundup! Let us know what jumped out to you or what topics you’d love to see in the next roundup by giving us a shout on Twitter @seelio!

Career Series Kickoff: How Juniors and Seniors Are Using Seelio

UPDATE: See the next posts in our series: Top 5 Interview TipsTop 5 Networking Tips; Top 5 Tips to Manage Your Personal Brand.


Join us for a 5-post career series to help you with your professional development and career search! We pulled the most popular topics from the Seelio community, so stay tuned for tips on interviewing, networking, and managing your brand.

We know your Seelio portfolio can help you succeed! Don’t believe us? Listen to what six awesome juniors and seniors have to say about their experience using Seelio. Later in the series, we’ll talk about the significance of these topics and how each one applies to Seelio. This career series can help you with whatever stage you are in! Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, we have advice for you! Check it out!

Priscilla Lee | University of Texas-Austin, Communication Studies, 2015

Priscilla Lee

“I am so much more confident in the prospect of future employers looking at my Seelio profile to find out more about who I am than by simply scanning my resume. Seelio also allows me to have a competitive community with others who have similar interests and dreams.”


Thuan Doan | MIT, Mechanical Engineering, 2015

Thuan Doan

“Seelio really helps me show employers, friends, and peers all the projects that I’ve worked on. I use it as a supplement to my resume when internship hunting as well as to show my friends and family what I’ve been up to.”



Alison Theirbach | University of Michigan, MA in Social Work, 2014

Seelio is a great way to display your professional and academic experiences and achievements to potential employers. It takes the plain, black and white resume, to a more interactive and visually enticing way to display your credentials and skill sets. It will be an asset when applying for jobs and networking between your peers and other alumni.”


Caitlyn Witt | University of Toledo, Fine Arts in New Media Design Studies, 2014

Caitlyn Witt

“A portfolio for me was a concise body of work that you use to show to get a job, or to apply for graduate school. What changed my idea of portfolios with Seelio is that it can be interactive instead of you just handing over physical pieces of your work. I could really say what I wanted people to get from my work and make a whole experience for them.”


Alex Ryan | Clemson University, Electrical Engineering, 2015


“Seelio has been an incredible platform for me to communicate my accomplishments with a level of depth that I couldn’t get from a regular old resume.  In an increasingly competitive job market, this extra dimension can mean all the difference and boosts my confidence that an employer has made the right choice when hiring me.”


Melissa Stoker | Towson University, International Relations, 2014

Melissa Stoker

“Seelio has given me a place to share my work and really understand the value each project has built for me. Seelio is great for communicating that worth to potential employers and fellow students, but it is especially essential to building my own personal confidence.”


Make sure you join us for the career series. We look forward to helping you with your professional development as you prepare for your internship, job, or grad school search!


Hear from Harvard Freshman Nishant Kakar About His Seelio Internship


Nishant Kakar, Freshman at Harvard UniversityWe were really lucky to have an amazing intern work with us at Seelio over winter break. Meet Nishant Kakar. He’s a freshman at Harvard University from Novi, Michigan, studying Computer Science Engineering (CSE). We asked him to share a bit about his experience interning at Seelio as a developer and his advice for other freshmen who are just starting their portfolio. Enjoy!

1. How did you hear about Seelio?
I had 6 weeks off for my winter break and I knew I wanted to stay in Michigan and work somewhere in Ann Arbor, particularly in the tech field. I asked a couple of my CSE friends at the University of Michigan what’s the new startup on campus that everyone is talking about. A few of them mentioned Seelio and knew Moses personally. I reached out to Moses and the rest is history!

2. What was your intern experience at Seelio like?
This was my first experience in a startup culture. My only previous work experience was in a lab where everything was very structured. At Seelio, I immediately knew it was different. People don’t have their own cubicles and I enjoyed the open and collaborative working environment. The culture was a lot of fun and I feel like it definitely fit my personality. They even surprised me with cupcakes for my birthday!

Celebrating Nishant's Birthday

3. What did you do here?
I was a developer intern and worked alongside Chris Baik because I wanted experience in the computer science field. He started me off with my own project which was to redo the conversations page and update it from the old version to the newer version of bootstrap (a framework for building awesome web pages). It was a good amount of work that I am proud of, obviously with help from Chris, Feroze, another Seelio developer, and the team.

Seelio Team Lunch

4. Why do you like using Seelio?
The only experience I had before Seelio was LinkedIn, which is organized as an online resume. When I use Seelio it’s not just saying, “I did this and this and this” in text, but you can actually show what you did. I love being able to say, “I did this. Now look at it.” I think being able to display your work is way more powerful than just being able to say what you did in words. This kind of portfolio is ideal for college students and people who have projects and Seelio takes advantage of that.

5. What is your best advice for other freshmen who are starting their Seelio portfolio?
Before you even put any of your own works up, look at the gallery and look at particular tags that are related to fields you are interested in. Look at what they’ve done and how they structured it. It gives you an idea of what you can put on your own Seelio. Then, add important works and projects you finished throughout high school and college. As you complete more projects, keep uploading new works and show what you’ve accomplished.

6. Do you look other portfolios from the Seelio community?
Yeah, I look at other computer science portfolios. Specifically, I looked at one project on Seelio and it gave me an idea to make a social media hub web page. This is the best way to collaborate with other students, find new opportunities and get inspiration for projects in the future.

Any last thoughts?
Seelio is a great place to find new projects, and to collaborate with people who have similar interests (by denise). In the future, once I get more projects under my belt, especially in the computer science field, I will be doing a lot more different works and type of projects and I definitely want to upload them to Seelio.

Seelio Team

Thanks again Nishant for all of your hard work! We miss you and best of luck at Harvard! To read more about Nishant’s work at Seelio and his projects at Harvard, see his Seelio.

If you are interested in sharing your Seelio story, e-mail students@seelio.com and we’ll be in touch!