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College Career Advice Roundup: Interview Edition

Seelio Career Advice Round Up Interview Edition

You’ve heard lots of advice before about how to do well in a job interview, some of it very helpful, and some of it downright awful! You’re probably left with as many questions as answers. What should you bring with you to the interview? How should you follow up with your interviewer? What kinds of questions should you be ready to answer?

Not to worry! Seelio to the rescue. We’ve scoured the web to pull together Seelio-approved resources that answer these questions, and many more. Welcome to the College Career Advice Roundup: Interview Edition!

How Caroline’s Seelio Helped Her Land Her Summer Job

Seelio can help you stand out in your job search and show why you’re the perfect hire. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you! Caroline Jardine, a Seelio superstar, reached out to us to share her success story. Caroline is currently a sophomore studying Art Education and pursuing a BFA in 2D Fine Arts at the University of Toledo. See what she had to say!

Caroline Jardine on Seelio

What job did you apply for?

I applied to the Young Artists at Work (YAAW) program with the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo for the position of an assistant instructor. I recently had a phone interview with them, and they asked to see some images of my studio work. I gave them my Seelio site URL and they loved it. In fact, they asked me if I thought teaching the high school students in the program how to set up a Seelio account would be something to try.

Caroline's "Young Artists at Work 2013" Work

What happened?

I got the position for the Arts Commission and I know that my Seelio page helped me!

Tell us more about how you got the job. What key skills/works helped you stand out?

I have been involved with YAAW for the past 4 years. I was an apprentice for two years, a senior apprentice for one year, and an assistant instructor last year. I developed a curriculum plan for my interview this year. The curriculum plan was a glass mosaic project that teaches apprentices new skills and encourages them to reach out of their comfort zone in collaborating with others. Michelle Carlson, the program coordinator for YAAW, was very impressed with my Seelio portfolio. When on the phone for our phone interview, I was able to tell her the link and we looked at my page together. They were able to ask me questions regarding my work during the interview because of Seelio. They especially liked my YAAW mural posts from last year.

Caroline's "Hero's: Mural" and "Hero's 'Crazy Cool Art' classes" Works

 How did Seelio help?

Not only did my Seelio site present my work professionally, but it also gave me an edge over other applicants for this position who may not have an account. Seelio has greatly benefited my professional development just in the past few months that I have been using it.

What will you be doing this summer at YAAW as the associate instructor? What are you most excited for?

My role as an assistant instructor is to work alongside the main instructor in leading a group of approximately 20 high school youth. I will work with the other instructors in planning sell-able projects and mural projects for the 6 week program; engaging a diverse group of youth in producing artwork 6 hours per day/5 days per week; teaching job skills; ordering supplies; client meetings; and work with the apprentices on professional development. I am most excited to work with the apprentices and see how they develop and learn as artists in just 6 weeks.

You’ve done a great job with your Seelio. What is your favorite work?

My favorite work on my Seelio is “Ukraine: Past and Present.” I will be uploading 3 new images to this work soon! The images are from a final project in my Digital Photography class. I entered the class with no Photoshop experience. I feel that these images are a good representation of how much I have learned and improved from the beginning of the semester. This class is also where Seelio was introduced to us!

Caroline's "Digital Photo: Ukraine: Past and Present II" Work

What is your advice for other students looking for internships and jobs using Seelio?

Seelio can set you apart from other job applicants. Look at your Seelio page from the interviewer’s perspective. Interviewers like seeing a clean, concise portfolio of your best work that is presented in an accessible way.  Include meaningful commentary and descriptions about your work. This shows that you have the ability to think critically and communicate ideas. Also look at other Seelio pages that appear professional. Find what makes them successful and use this in yours. Remember that Seelio may be your first impression for an interviewer!

We are excited to see the great work you’ll do at your summer job, Caroline. Congratulations and best of luck! For more information about her journey, see her Seelio.

Want to share your story? Email us at students@seelio.com!


Career Series: Top Five Interview Tips

top five interview tipsYou have heard all the basics when it comes to the interview process:  research the company, prepare for common interview questions, and follow-up with a thank you.  But, the information is always so general.  Wouldn’t some real life examples be nice?  Well, read on for our top five interview tips.

I joined the Seelio team in January, so I just went through the interview process a few months ago.  I have been through the process several times, and was even most recently teaching an undergraduate business course on career planning.  So, I didn’t need to prep too much, right?  Wrong!  I knew that putting in hours of prep would help me really stand out in the interview, and these tips are designed to help you do the same.