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How A Large Lecture Course of Over 200 Students Built a Community of Collaboration and Inspiration on Seelio

Media and the Creative Process 1020 Collage

Student Advice on Getting the Most Out of Your Large Lecture Course

Have you ever taken a class that was unlike any other? One that challenged you to get out of your comfort zone and make things in addition to learning about them?

Have you ever wished you could see what your classmates are up to to find inspiration or people that can work on exciting projects with you?

We encountered a group of students at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication who are experiencing that and more in MDIA 1020: Media and the Creative Process. In this large lecture course, students complete regular project-based assignments using a variety of media platforms to put their learning into action. See more about the class philosophy and structure in our earlier post.

This is one of Scripps’ bigger courses, with around 200 students. Yet, even with such a large class size (and both online and on-campus students) we heard again and again that students found it easy to collaborate and find inspiration from their classmates.


We want to turn things over to a few students in MDIA 1020 who shared what made this large lecture class so unique and what it was like using Seelio in the class. See who chimed in:

How Eric Williams is Evolving His Class Into a 90 Minute Creativity Concert of Active Learning

Want to know one of the secrets to turning an “okay” class into a “great” one?

The secret is understanding the “snowball effect.” The snowball effect is a process which begins with one small change that builds upon itself, becoming larger and more significant along the way, like a ball of snow rolling down a hillside. If properly guided, this evolutionary process can have a majorly positive impact on a situation just by taking small steps along the way.

If anyone knows the merits of this process, it’s Eric Williams, an associate professor in the School of Media Arts & Studies at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. Eric teaches a course called MDIA 1020: Media and the Creative Process, which he has been evolving over time into an incredible active learning experience for his students.

MDIA 1020 Student Showcase

Partner Spotlight: A Dean Shares How Seelio Portfolios Help His Program Show Its Value to Students


One of our favorite things about working in higher education is getting to see the diverse array of talents that students bring to their college communities. While a student’s musical talents or previous community organizing experience might be shared with a few close friends, online portfolios allow for students across degree programs, and even across campuses, to showcase the many things they have accomplished both inside and outside the classroom. As more and more students aren’t coming to college directly from high school, the need to capture and relate past life experiences to current learning has only increased.


Our partners recognize the value that portfolios bring to their college communities. In a recent interview, Scott TitsworthDean of the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, shared challenges the college faces, many of which are common across institutions of higher education, such as:

  • Competing for a smaller slice of students
  • Presenting a compelling narrative to students about the value-added experience that they will have in a degree program
  • Showing students exactly what it looks like to move closer to their career goals through a specific degree program

Dean Titsworth also shared how using Seelio as a digital identity solution helps the Scripps College of Communication face these challenges head on. See his response in this short video:


Want to learn more? Hear Dean Titsworth speak about the value of portfolios in assessing students or hear from other Seelio partners about how they’re creating more prepared students with student lifecycle portfolios.

See how we go beyond ePortfoliosExplore student work on Seelio