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Textbooks, papers and… Seelio?

No matter what you’re studying or which classes you’re taking, you have a place to showcase everything you’re learning on Seelio. We released our first-ever animation video to show you how Seelio can help you stand out.

But there’s more! Get to know Seelio a little better by exploring examples from other students and resources we have to help you get started.

See who else is here

We have students from across the country using Seelio to tell their story. Find inspiration at any time in the Seelio Gallery. And, follow @Seelio on Twitter. On Fridays we share our #studentoftheweek. One of these days, it might just be you!


Get a little help when you need it

Think your work just doesn’t fit in a portfolio? Think again! While Seelio is a great place to post your best class assignments, you can add just about anything.



Tell your story

The best thing about Seelio is that it’s yours to keep. You can control what you add and who can see it. Take things for a spin!


Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level With Seelio

We love LinkedIn but sometimes your LinkedIn profile can feel a bit like a resume on top of a resume. In less than a minute you can show all of your valuable connections real examples of what you can do by adding a work from your Seelio to your LinkedIn profile!

How to jazz up your LinkedIn profile with works from your Seelio

First, go to LinkedIn and choose “Edit Profile”. Then, pick a section of your profile you want to enhance. Click the icon that allows you to add a video, image, document or presentation and select “Add Link”. All of that time you spent crafting your perfect work on Seelio is about to pay off two-fold!

LinkedIn Step One

Step One: Choose to add a link on LinkedIn

Why Thiel Fellow Ari Weinstein Thinks Seelio Is the Best Way to Share His Work

How do you capture your work as a Thiel Fellow? On Seelio of course! Ari Weinstein has no shortage of ideas, creative projects, and even articles about his impressive work (see here and here), but when it came time to building a website to house all of things he’d been working on, he found that he just didn’t have the time. Then he found Seelio. Now, when you look for Ari on the web (ariweinstein.com), it’s easy to see all of the great work he’s done.

We had a chance to chat with Ari a few weeks ago about how he discovered his passion for coding, his tips for presenting work online, and even to joke a little bit about HBO’s Silicon Valley. Check out our interview below and see what he’s been working on in his portfolio!