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NYC Startups on Seelio: 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft

by Emily Keller-Logan 0 Comments

Seelio and NYCEDC Partner to Offer Students Opportunities With NYC Startups!

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) to give students on Seelio first access to opportunities with NYC startups on a newly launched NYC Jobs Page as part of the 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft.

This event is the next in a serious of successful NYC Tech Talent Drafts. In spring and fall 2012,  NYCEDC conducted 11 information sessions and networking events at 7 top northeastern universities, connecting nearly 800 CS/engineering students to 48 executives from 44 NYC start-ups.

Check out what NYCEDC has to say about our partnership:

“NYCEDC’s NYC Tech Talent Draft program is thrilled to join forces with Seelio to help further our goals of attracting top technical talent to NYC’s booming startup ecosystem. We chose to promote NYC Tech Talent Draft jobs through Seelio because we feel their robust site showcases student work in a concrete way, while providing our participating startups with an easy to use hiring platform.”

–Dmytro Pokhylko, Director at the Center for Economic Transformation at NYCEDC

Be sure to update your Seelio because, starting today, we’ve launched a new NYC Jobs Page on Seelio. Check back regularly as NYC startups post their jobs! 

This page is where NYC startups participating in the 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft can post positions, and students on Seelio will have first cut at submitting applications.

Throughout the 2013 NYC Tech Talent Draft, NYCEDC will be visiting college campuses and hosting events with founders, CEOs and key leaders from NYC startups to answer students’ questions about what it’s like to work in the startup world. See below for the current schedule. Don’t worry if there isn’t an event at your campus, you can still apply for jobs on Seelio’s NYC Jobs Page.

Stay tuned for new jobs to post and for updates in Seelio blog posts, newsletters and over at the NYCEDC Tech Talent Draft page for how to participate in these events!

  • Cornell: January 30, 6:30-7:30pm
  • U Penn: February 21, 3:15-5:00pm
  • Princeton: February 22, 4:30-6:30pm
  • Boston citywide event: Date TBD
  • Carnegie Mellon: Date TBD

Questions? Drop me a line at emily@seelio.com.



Staff Picks: Top 12 of 2012

by Moses 0 Comments

As the year comes to a close, we thought we’d share Seelio Staffs’ Top 12 of 2012:

We’ve selected 12 of the best works on Seelio, broken down in the following categories: Technology, Art & Design, Social Impact, Engineering, Student Orgs, and Expression.

May these works encourage you to start tracking and showcasing your learnings, accomplishments, and experiences on Seelio in 2013!



UDJ | Kurtis Nusbaum, University of Illinois
A social music player that allows many people to control a single music player from their smartphones

Fences | Jeff Bargmann, Rochester Institute of Technology
A tool for a clean desktop

Art & Design:

Nomad Furniture

Nomad Furniture | Adam Wells, University of Michigan
Furniture and room furnishings for the lifestyle of people in their twenties

Art for Sustainable Change | Ariel Russ, Mount Holyoke College
Art project about single use plastic water bottles and waste minimization 

Social Impact:

KIPP Charter School

KIPP Ascend Charter School | Jake Bebar, University of Notre Dame
Internship experience at KIPP, a network of public tuition-free college prep schools

Water Sanitation in Rural Gabon | Nathan Ritter, Northwestern University
Delivering potable water to Bindo, a rural village in Gabon


Happy Egg Washer

Happy Egg Washer | Jacky Lau, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
An egg washer designed for small to mid-sized farms that currently hand wash their eggs

Humanoid Hand Development | Michael Stevens, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
A robotic human hand with 16 degrees of freedom

Student Orgs:

Asayake Taiko

Asayake Taiko | Briana Zimmers, University of California – San Diego
UCSD’s Japanese drumming group

The Daily Texan | Blas Garcia, University of Texas – Austin
Weekly news videos for UT Austin’s student newspaper


Creative Writing

Creative Writing | Elizabeth Boyce, Princeton University
A collection of stories from Princeton’s creative writing class

It Gets Better | David Robert Debor, Gettysburg College
Original videos produced highlighting the struggles LGBT youth