Educator Spotlight: Pauline Bary Khan from Michigan Engineering

We asked Pauline Bary Khan, Princeton Review Top 300 Professor and the Director of Michigan Engineering’s Program in Technical Communication, to share about her experience with Seelio in her classes.

Earlier this year she used Seelio with students in her senior-level Technical Communication course and her first-year Engineering 100 course. Below she shares how students responded and why she believes it’s important for students to begin capturing their educational experience in a portfolio from day one.

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Seelio at the University of Michigan

Seelio at UM

Founded by University of Michigan graduates, Seelio has deep roots in Ann Arbor and with the University of Michigan community. It makes sense that a lot of our initial learning and exploration with Seelio happened on Michigan’s campus. Over the last three years we’ve been proud to serve students in:

Hear from students, deans, and program officers across the university about how Seelio is helping them tell their story:

You can find us in classes and departments across campus, working with students and faculty to find a way to help students document their experiential learning in online portfolios. We love all of our partners, but we’ll always have a special appreciation for our hometown! Go blue!

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Student Spotlight: OAMI Campus Scholars Antara Afrin and Wayne Lester

We were thrilled to celebrate a great semester with the Office of Academic and Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI) Campus Scholars a few weeks ago. OAMI Campus Scholars have been building their portfolios on Seelio over the last year and to recognize their work, OAMI held a dinner to celebrate the end of the semester and to award a special prize to the students with the two strongest portfolios.

We’d like to introduce you to the winners:

Meet Antara Afrin:¬†“The type of person to believe “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” (Colin Powell)”

Antara Afrin on Seelio

Meet Wayne Lester: “I am a musical yet athletic, artistic and creative engineer.”

Wayne Lester on Seelio

We’re amazed by Antara and Wayne’s work and look forward to following all of the Campus Scholars in their continued success at the University of Michigan. Congratulations on a wonderful year!

See more about our work with OAMI Campus Scholars in our recent Equity within the Classroom Conference presentation.