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Pharmacy School Interview Tips from a Student Who Got In

Tips to Ace a Program Interview for Your Major

Does your program require an interview in order for you to proceed in your major? We’ve met a number of students who need to apply to be officially accepted into their final program of study. Their biggest question: how do I set myself apart and make sure I get in?

Good news! Patrick Ryan, one of our Seelio Student Ambassadors at the University of Toledo, reached out to a student who just went through the application process to get into UT’s Pharm.D. program.

Daniel Arendt University of Toledo StudentHe set up an interview with Daniel Arendt, Pharm.D. class of 2018 in UT’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, to get his top pharmacy school interview tips. While he shares his experience as a pharmacy student, we captured a summary of his tips below that will be helpful for any major or program that requires an interview.

See what he had to say!

This School Year, Bring Your Resume to Life with Seelio and LinkedIn

We’ve shared before how you can spruce up your LinkedIn profile and bring your resume to life with works from your Seelio profile.

Today we want to show you how Michael Baker put that advice into action. Michael is a student we first met at the University of Toledo who graduated, finished one master’s degree at Georgetown University and is now getting a second master’s in economics at American University while working at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Michael Baker on Seelio

Michael hasn’t left many stones unturned throughout his higher education experience. From working on a capstone project with NASA to a going on a service learning trip in Costa Rica, he was on the look out for experiences both in and out of the classroom that could bring his skills to life. Better than just finding the experiences, he saw that he could bring his resume to life by posting about them on Seelio so others could see the skills he developed and the lessons he learned.

Michael first encountered Seelio as a student at The University of Toledo’s Jesup Scott Honors College. But even after he graduated, he saw a way to put his Seelio to work for him– on LinkedIn! When we asked if we could share his profiles as an example for other young professionals we also asked if he had any advice to share. Here’s his great tip:

“Any experience, no matter the field or the scale, helped to develop you to who you are today. Document it and talk about it at length, because if you don’t, no one else will either!”

Michael is absolutely right. Did you work on something this summer that you can share on your Seelio? Take a moment to upload it– you never know how helpful it will be when it’s time to bring your resume to life for a potential graduate school admissions officer or employer!

Seelio Now Available to All Students at The University of Toledo

We’re excited to announce that The University of Toledo (UT) has launched Seelio campus-wide!

Last year, the University of Toledo partnered with Seelio to bring its technology and services to the Jesup Scott Honors College and College of Communication and the Arts for faculty members to incorporate portfolios into their classrooms and for students to have a place to document their experiential learning. Deans, students, and faculty members embraced it, leading to this month’s enterprise agreement. See some of their feedback along the way:

Quote from Dr. Lakeesha Ransom, Dean of the Jesup Scott Honors College


Quote from UT student, Abigail Dudek


Quote from Debra Davis, Dean of College of Communication and the Arts


Quote from UT student, Caroline Jardine



As an enterprise campus with Seelio, The University of Toledo gains access to data visualization tools, learning management and student information system integrations, a dedicated UT community on Seelio, as well as dedicated service support for portfolio implementation across all colleges.

Now, every student at The University of Toledo can access special community features and faculty across colleges can work with Seelio’s Educational Service Team to integrate Seelio into their courses. UT students and faculty can get started by visiting utoledo.seelio.com.

To learn more about how The University of Toledo expanded Seelio’s student lifecycle portfolios from two colleges to an entire campus, request a copy of our case study.


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